PURASIEV ™ is a new generation of ceramic membrane for filtration, separation and purification of solutes or molecules in aqueous solutions. It provides practical solutions to the industry, scientists and to the market of liquid and gas purification.

Our membranes are constituted of high-quality materials such as Amorphous silica, various oxides (Alumina, Titanium, Zirconia, Carbon and Zeolite). They are classified into two broad categories based on their structure – porous and dense (non-porous) ceramic membranes.

Structure Microscopique

Advantages of our membranes

  • High temperature resistant
  • Resistant to strong acids and bases
  • Solvent resistant
  • High pressure resistant
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly process

Our membranes are designed and manufactured while respecting the standards and technical requirements related to chemical, thermal and mechanical stability, as well as the selectivity, permeability and porosity of each membrane layer.

Easy installation

Structure perfectly suited to the type of treatment envisaged while continuing to be suitable for existing installations.

Long term use

Our membranes have an estimated 10 year lifespan; they are designed and manufactured to perform consistently for long-term use.

Alfapur Technologies offers a wide range of membrane geometries. Our standard product line includes single and multi-channel membranes with different channel diameters suitable for ultrafiltration and microfiltration.